Hasbro Falschespiel, board game for families and children from 8 years, with Mr. Monopoly decoder, for 2 6 players F2674100


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MONOPOLY WITH A FUN TWIST: Monopoly Wrong Play comes with the classic gameplay, but with a special twist in the game! With Monopoly decoders, players can detect counterfeits
WITH DECODER: If a player has to pay something, the other players can use the decoder to check the authenticity of the money. With the decoder, a hidden pattern becomes visible and if it indicates “counterfeit money”, the discoverer can keep the note
EVENT CARDS: Warning – event cards could also be forged! If a player uses an event card in order not to have to pay rent, it is worth checking this with the decoder as well, because it could be a fake
MOVE FAST, SPEND MONEY FAST: Instead of paying taxes or buying utilities and train stations, players can take the train to an empty space and buy it quickly before they are caught with counterfeit money
GREAT FAMILY GAME: This fast-paced version of the popular Monopoly game brings family and friends together. A great choice for family game nights, as a party or home activity for kids ages 8 and up