Labebe Baby Schaukelpferd Holz,


⭐The rocking horse’s swinging movement can strengthen core muscles, train child’s body balance, while increasing child’s interest in sports and promoting child’s growth.
⭐The rocking horse made of solid wood and MDF (Medium Density Fiber) is very stable。And according to our product manual, it was easy to assemble with a screwdriver.
⭐The wooden structure and handle are rounded and checked manually to keep the surface smooth and the hidden screws ensure a safe play environment. This prevents the skin from being scratched.
⭐The rocking horse’s seat has a backrest so that the baby can provide protection while playing. There are removable foot pedals that make it easy for children to get on and off the horse.
⭐The cute rocking animal is the best choice for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. The horse is also an excellent decoration for bedrooms and living rooms.