Tonies Hörfiguren für Toniebox


The villain Gru has a clever plan to become the greatest villain in the world: he wants to kidnap the moon!
Together with his little yellow helpers, he prepares everything for the big coup when the orphans Margo, Edith and Agnes stand in front of the door and turn his world upside down
Place the Tonie on the Toniebox and anything is possible. Listen, learn, laugh – or dance until the walls shake! Every Tonie has its own story.
Each Tonie is designed with a lot of love, hand-painted and yet robust enough for great fun on and off the Toniebox. It sticks magnetically to the Toniebox and tells you its story.
You were spoken to by the speakers Achim Schülke, Oliver Rohrbeck, Derya Flechtner, Friedel Morgenstern, Sarah Kunze, and many more / recommended age from 6 years